London Weekend Television / 39x30m-e 3x45m-e 3x60m-e / 1980-85
Producers: John Kaye Cooper, Ken O'Neill, David Bell
Very popular sketch series featuring the often manic talents of Russ, assisting him were Michael Barrymore, Susie Blake, Les Dennis, Bella Emberg, Dustin Gee, Patti Gold, Sherrie Hewson and Jeffrey Holland.
The extra long episodes were all specials and from season two the series was known as Russ Abbot's Saturday Madhouse.
1. Russ Abbot and a Show of his Very Own ( 2 Jan 81 - Fri 7.45-pm - 1x45m-e)
2. Russ Abbot's Christmas Madhouse (26 Dec 1981 - Sat 6.30pm - 1x45m-e )
3. Russ Abbot's Madhouse Annual (7 Nov 1982 - Sun 7.15pm - 1x60m-e)
4. Russ Abbot's Hogmanay Lighthouse (31 Dec 1982 - Fri 8.00pm - 1x45m-e)
5. Russ Abbot's Christmas Madhouse (22 Dec 1984 - Sat 6.50pm - 1x60m-e)
6. Russ Abbot's Summer Madhouse (29 June 1985 - Sat 7.30pm - 1x60m-e)

Vince rubs his nose and moans "I've got a seen-us!" "Do you mean a sinus?" "No, I was out with a girl and her husband seen-us!"