GRANADA TELEVISION / 1x60m-e / 19x30m-e / 1993-1995
Producer: Gareth Morgan.
Director: David Richards.
Drama with Russ as ‘Ted Fenwick’ a schoolteacher who is on the adventure of a lifetime. Extrovert comic Billy Balsam plucks this frustrated widower away from a summer holiday of loneliness and grieving with an Invitation to accompany him on his 'big break' -a booking at a Blackpool nightclub.
Also staring Michael Williams.

The Story

Ted Fenwick and Billy Balsam are two very different personalities in their late fifties whose lives suddenly take an about face when Billy leaves his job as a barman and Ted loses his wife after a long and debilitating illness.

Billy, the often outrageous but always human extrovert, decides to profit from his loss and persuades Ted, the quiet, respectable introvert schoolteacher, to join him on a summer adventure in Blackpool, where Billy has acquired a job as a comic in a dubious back street club.

In an effort to make sense of his past, come to terms with his present and maintain some commitment to his future, Ted agrees.

And so begins the bitter-sweet adventure, a leap into freedom on the open road, with new sights, sounds and experiences, personal triumphs and disappointments and the ups and downs of their developing relationship as each learns from the other that life is never simple, often hilarious and sometimes cruel.